There is one simple marketing idea that takes some effort but will give you the highest returns.  It is simply this: Match your marketing communications and copy to your clients.

By communication, I mean the underlying overall message which includes the way it is delivered and presented. Copy is about the words chosen and the tone and style of language used.

Many companies go awry in two ways with this:

  1. They write copy in the language and style that their business uses rather than what their clients respond to. A good example of this is the type of marketing produced by most solicitors and accountants.
  2. They only write one marketing letter or e-mail rather than adapting it to a specific target market.

Say you had bought a list of details for 5 000 prospects. Clearly it is not practical to write an individual letter to each of them. However, you can divide them by a parameter (such as nature of their business, income, area they live or work in, interests etc.) then tailor and write something for each of these divisions. As a rule of thumb five divisions works well, though even having two divisions (say split by people living in region 1 and those in region 2) can make major differences on the return against doing a generic letter.

This approach gives you the chance to use the language that your selected division responds to and highlights the specific benefits that they’re interested in. On the various projects I’ve worked on, I’ve noticed that as soon as you mention a benefit that doesn’t appeal directly to the reader then you’ve lost them.

This approach of matching your communication and copy to your client produces far higher returns than sending a generic letter to the entire database.

While it does take more time to develop five marketing letters rather than one, the increase in return makes it more than worthwhile.