Have you ever thought:

  • What makes marketing successful?
  • Or how do I get more customers or clients to meet my marketing objectives?
  • Or simply why is my marketing under-performing?

Provided you offer something people need, want and desire at a cost that is acceptable to them, the answer is better copy.

Copy alone can’t handle everything. This is exactly the same for any other component of marketing and is the reason that one quick fix never works. No matter how good your copy is you’re never going to sell VHS video recorders.

Even when you offer a good product or service at a great price it can still prove tricky to market.

One of my clients runs a fantastic restaurant. In fact, it is award winning and has appeared in a number of national newspapers. He and his business partner have amazing PR. In addition to national newspapers, they have appeared on local radio, at major events and they’re both two interesting and sociable guys.

However, despite all this, they still wanted more customers in their venue. The main solution for them was to market their restaurant more (they had done only a little assuming that the great PR they were getting would be all that was needed) and change the copy they used in their marketing.

I wrote some high impact marketing copy for them. One piece for the Birmingham community and a longer piece for local businesses. These have produced great results for them.

Last year, I wrote a 5-page letter that got a 20% response rate. This high a response rate is practically unheard of in the direct mail industry which usually gets a 1/2 – 2% return. Did it use high impact copy? You bet it did.

The bottom line is provided you are offering your target market something they need, want and desire at a reasonable cost then it is copy that will make the difference between whether they buy or not.

The answer to how to win more customers is: write high impact copy.